Dueling for Gold

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dueling is rare on my server.  You hardly ever see anyone outside of Orgrimmar or in the sewers. So when I saw an unusual message in trade chat it caught my eye.  I can't remember exactly what the message was but, basically someone (an affliction lock) was looking for people to duel outside of Org and, he wanted to bet on the duels based on the gear difference.

I finished up what I had been doing and headed over to find about five people outside.  From what I remember that ties the most I've ever seen outside Org.  It looked like no one was actually betting but, the lock was repeated asking and making fun of those who didn't want to.  I just sat and watched for a while as the lock destroyed everyone who came up to him.  One thing I noticed immediately was how hardly anyone was wearing PvP gear.  The lock himself only had a couple pieces of deadly on. Not really all that surprising on Staghelm I guess.

Finally, I stepped up and challenged the warlock to a duel.  Ten seconds later it was over, he was on his knees and, I was hardly touched.  He said, "Finally, some competition" and, wanted to bet on our next match.  I declined saying that I wasn't much of a betting man.  We dueled a few more times.  These matches were all closer but, I came out the victor in each of them. 

I told some guildies in vent what was going on and, they all couldn't believe I didn't wager after our first duel. But, I just didn't see the point in betting on a duel.  To me duels are practice, if you bet and someone wins anything worth while they are likely to leave; in fear of loosing what they have won.  Instead of staying and having some more matches.

Have you ever seen people betting on their duels? Would you or do you bet on your own duels?  What do you think about it?

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