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Thursday, October 15, 2009

About the Author
I have been playing games since I was a kid.  I started with Wolfenstien 3D.  And have played anything from Doom, Descent, Medal of Honor and, countless console games among others.

I started WoW in February of 2008.  I bought the battle chest after a boring night out and gave the free trial an hour before I bought an account.  I tried all of the classes for about 10 levels and settled on a Hunter.  I raided during BC and into 3.2 with my hunter.  During this time I also leveled two other characters to level 80.  A Protection Warrior and an Enhancement Shaman.

With a change in my work schedule I started a Refer a Friend account and leveled a rogue.  I had tried a rogue before and I didn't care for them.  This time though, I was hooked.  I guess it was the first few levels that turned me off on a rogue at first but, as soon as I got into the level 20 range I just could not stop playing.  With a guild change also came a change of mains and I now raid on my rogue.

About the characters
I currently play two rogues.  A level 80 rogue on a PvE server and I have started another rogue on a PvP server.

Korzik - is a level 80 Male Undead Rogue on the PvE server Staghelm.  I raid with Bound who's guild leaders host the podcast, Rawrcast.  I have also just started to play in Arenas and am working on refining my play in PvP.

Akruz - Is my rogue alt on the PvP server Blackrock.  I started this character to help myself with maximizing my PvP play.  Blackrock is currently the top Horde Arena server.  I have never leveled on a PvP server and I am actually looking forward to the experience.

You can expect a few stories and experiences from both of my rogues to show up here along with opinions and thoughts on the rogue class overall.

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