Akruz's first world PvP

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My rogue alt on Blackrock had his first experience in world PvP today.

I was in STV at level 30 working on the first of Hemit's quests.  Killing the tigers and panthers working my way over to the raptors when I spot a human warlock working his way around the area. I finish off the panther I was working on and stealth a little bit closer to get a better look.  He was a level 35 warlock with no heirloom gear. I decided that even with my heirloom advantage five levels would be too much to make up so I back away and start my killing of raptors a little ways off.

About five minutes later I had just finished killing two raptors and was at low health so I eat and stealth.  Just as I was about to move on to the next raptor I get a dot thrown on me.  I quickly duck around a nearby corner and I see the same Human Warlock a few yards away.  I gouge the incoming Voidwalker, sprint to the warlock and interrupt his immolate cast. I start to build combo points on him with Sinister Strike. I get feared, Will of the Forsaken out of it, Kidney Shot and, start again.  His next fear I took but, was able to vanish his shadow bolt.  After a bit more back and forth I killed him only to die from his Dots before I could drop out of combat to eat.

It was a rush and I'm sure the battles will only increase as I gain levels and move to more populated zones.

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