Facepalm: Check Your Poisons

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This isn't a post about letting your poisons run out mid fight.  Or even about forgetting to check that you have poisons applied before the pull.  This is a mistake I make far too often after Faction Champions in ToC.

Using the wrong poisons.   As Mutilate I run Instant in my main hand and Deadly in my off hand.  However for Faction Champions I switch to my PvP spec and use Dual Wound Poison.  The moronic part is I often forget about my poisons when I switch back to my PvE spec for Twins.  I'll run my normal pre-fight routine: check my flask, check my food, check my spec (via looking at my action bars), check my poison duration and, check what I'm wearing via clicking on my riad dps button Outfitter.  However, I tend to miss the fact that I have wound poison on my weapons after Faction Champions because, why would I ever have wound poison on in my PvE spec?

So a note to all the rogues at there who switch between specs for fights (and mainly to myself), whenever you switch specs; be sure to also check that you are using the correct poisons for that spec in addition to their durations.

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Monthly Cleaning

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Addons, almost everyone uses at least a couple.  Some people use hundreds.  They can really enhance your playing experience however, they can also needlessly slow down your computer.  I have gotten into the habit of once a month, going through all my addons and evaluating what they do for me and if I really need each add-on. I keep the ones I use and delete the ones I don't need.  In this way I make sure that my computer isn't slowing down by loading several add-ons that I don't use.  I highly suggest you also do this from time to time and, I will go through my add-ons as an example of what I mean.

My list of addons and process after the break...

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Facepalm: Ninja'd tower

Monday, November 9, 2009

Facepalm posts will be about those times when you see someone (or you do something) that just makes you wonder.

First off, an Alterac Valley story from the other night.  I am working on my Tower Defense Achievement so I have been spending my AV matches near the choke point in the southern middle of the zone guarding those two towers and the graveyard there.  The northern tower had 4 alliance inside so I moved to the unguarded southern tower and, capped that back.

I picked off a few random alliance running south as I made my way back up the guarded tower.  As I made my way up I counted two hunters, a warrior and, a warlock.  I decided that there was no way I could take down all four so I snuck up the tower.  Past the warlock on the middle level.  Up to the top.  Past both hunters who were standing outside the door.  I sapped the warrior standing next to the flag and capped the tower back just before one of the hunters turned around and shot me.  A quick gouge, sprint, jump down and, vanish and I was away with another tower defense on my record.

I can only imagine what they were thinking during their cast time to capture the tower back.

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Getting Defensive

Friday, November 6, 2009

After a half day of Athiri Basin and Alterac Valley play I have come to really appreciate playing defense in these battlegrounds.

In Alterac Valley I am really enjoying running around with a small group of people and helping to cap back towers or retake graveyards. It may not seem like it is accomplishing much and your honor kills will be lower than if you were on the offensive or defending the actual keep but, you will be slowing the opposing team's progress by several minutes which in the modern AV is more than enough time to give your team a chance to start on the boss sooner.  This is especially important for Horde players considering how imbalanced the map is in favor of the alliance team.  (The bridge, the route from the starting cave and, the design of the towers all add up to an alliance advantage)

Arathi Basin is by far my favorite place to play defense.  Specifically, at the Blacksmith.  If you can get a job as a Blacksmith guard you will get the buff for defending a flag which will increase your honor gain from all honor kills and, you will get credit for the vast majority of kills made on the map.  Only the extreme ends are out of range.  Just by spending your game at BS you will (if your faction controls it and you can avoid dying) end the match with the most honor kills and the most honor for your faction.  Besides the obvious personal gain for defending BS it is also the most strategic point on the map in my opinion.  The BS grave yard allows quick access to any of the other four nodes.  In addition, it will form a point of the triangle of friendly nodes that your team is trying achieve.  BS, Farm, LM is a lot easier to defend than Farm, LM, Stables.  Take a look at the map and you'll see why.

Warsong Gulch is another map where I enjoy the defense.  As a rogue I enjoy sitting outside of my tunnel and waiting for the Alliance flag carrier to come out. (be watchful of both the ramp and the graveyard fall) You may not be able to get the flag carrier down if they have some friends with them but, you did slow them down allowing your team more time to get their flag across or kill the opposing flag carrier.

There is another reason why I enjoy the defensive style of play in battlegrounds.  Practice.  I don't enjoy being in the 'zerg' I enjoy the smaller scale battles. Being on defensive with 1-4 other people is more than enough to slow or stop a 10+ man rush and your choices and play matter more. Defending the central towers and graveyard with one other person.  Running into a tower held by four alliance and, taking it back feels better and, a lot more fun than running with 32 people up the map and standing around and waiting for towers to cap.

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I'm here, I'm here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm finding a posting schedule has proven more difficult than  I thought.  My free time at home is very random, which makes it difficult to get posts out at regular intervals.  I will try my best to get a post out a couple of times a week.  I have also been trying to get the layout of the blog to a place I like.  I do not like the comment sections of the posts but, am so far unable to get them corrected.

And just in case you had missed it.  My main went from a female Blood Elf to a  male Forsaken. I am loving the change, even with the announced nerf to WotF.

I also have a few posts I am working on slowly but, surely. About, topics from the steps I am taking to improve my PvP play to an opinion on the way Blizzard is handling tier gear and badges.  I hope to get a few of those out soon.

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