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Monday, October 12, 2009

In case you haven't seen the Tier 10 Rogue models.

(Courtesy of MMO-Champion)
There it is.  Now I was happy with the T7, T8s Helm was a bit much for my tastes and, T9 Horde was ok (besides the spot lights on the shoulders)  But, this is just a bit much.  Admittedly it looks a lot better on an undead than a human male. (As you can see in this video, also from mmo-champion)

I miss the sleek and sharp design a lot of our armor used to have. Tier 5 is still one of my favorites and the Shadowcraft set is a classic.

While I may not enjoy the look; I love the bonuses.
  • Rogue T10 2 Piece - Gives your melee finishing moves a 13% chance to add 3 combo points to your target.
  • Rogue T10 4 Piece - Your Tricks of the Trade ability now grants you 15 energy instead of costing energy.
 The 2 Piece is amazing and will make Assassination that much more of a combo point game.  Being able to do two Envenom back to back occasionally will be great. Just try not to overlap the Envenom buff too much to maximize the chance of extra Instant Poison procs.
The 4 Piece is just as nice as Tricks of the Trade is an ability we use every cooldown, or at the very least during any 'burn' phase.  Getting energy back instead of spending energy for this ability will be very nice and, a much bigger DPS boost than it may appear at first.

(Update: it appears as though MMO or Blizzard had the set bonuses reversed. What I have listed as 2 piece is 4 Piece and vise versa)

What about you?  What do you think of the Tier 10 model?  What are some of your favorite armor designs for rogues?

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