Facepalm: Check Your Poisons

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This isn't a post about letting your poisons run out mid fight.  Or even about forgetting to check that you have poisons applied before the pull.  This is a mistake I make far too often after Faction Champions in ToC.

Using the wrong poisons.   As Mutilate I run Instant in my main hand and Deadly in my off hand.  However for Faction Champions I switch to my PvP spec and use Dual Wound Poison.  The moronic part is I often forget about my poisons when I switch back to my PvE spec for Twins.  I'll run my normal pre-fight routine: check my flask, check my food, check my spec (via looking at my action bars), check my poison duration and, check what I'm wearing via clicking on my riad dps button Outfitter.  However, I tend to miss the fact that I have wound poison on my weapons after Faction Champions because, why would I ever have wound poison on in my PvE spec?

So a note to all the rogues at there who switch between specs for fights (and mainly to myself), whenever you switch specs; be sure to also check that you are using the correct poisons for that spec in addition to their durations.

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